The Crunge


Page/ Plant/ Johnes/ Bonham
Записана в 1972 в Headley Grange, Hampshire
на передвижной студии The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio.
Инженер Эдди Крамер (Eddie Kramer).
Смикширована Эдди Крамером на студии Electric Lady.
Впервые выпущена 28 марта 1973 на альбоме "Houses Of The Holy" (Atlantic 19130).
Выпускалась также 21 сентября 1993 года на сборнике "Boxed Set2" (Atlantic 82477) и 6 октября 1993 года на сборнике "The Complete Studio Recordings" (Atlantic 82526).
Houses Of The Holy Boxed Set2 The Complete Studio Recordings

A play on James Brown's "Sex Machine", complete with lyrics about missing bridges. In this song Brown frequently says "Take it to the bridge, take it to the bridge" and as "The Crunge" has no bridge, the search for the bridge at the end can be explained by this.

The title and lyrics are a parody of what Dave Lewis calls `…the James Brown/'take it to the bridge' school of funk mannerisms.' The song is rendered undanceable however by Bonham's beat and the band `…named this non-dance cult 'The Crunge'…' There were plans at one stage to release this as a single with the cover being a picture of the band doing the dance steps for the song.

In a song that is basically a James Brown parody, the closing spiel from Plant, `Where's that confounded bridge?' is a reference to the fact that there is no key transition at that point in the song. A musical "bridge" is a segment wherein there is a key change from the tonic key, so at that point in the song, Plant is looking, probably in jest, for the key change, without which the band is stuck in the same key forever, and the song doesn't end. The point at which the bridge is first mentioned is after the band has been playing the riff in the same key several times, hence Robert's search for a transition.


I wanna tell you bout my good thing
I ain't disclosing no names but--
He sure is a good friend and!
I ain't gonna tell you where he comes from, no!
If I tell you you wont come again! Hey!
I ain't gonna tell you nothin but I do will, but I know, yeah!
I should do but I know now let me tell you bout my girl:
Open up a newspaper and what do I see? Ahh, ah
See my girl, ah, looking at me
Ooh, And when she walks, Ooh, lemme tell ya:
She walks and when she talks, she talks and
When she looks at me in the eye
She's my baby lord I wanna make her mine
Tell me baby what you want me to do!
You want me to love you, love some other man too?
Ain't gonna call me Mr. pitiful, no!
I don't need no respect from nobody…

I ain't gonna tell you nothing I ain't gonna no more, no!
She's my baby let me tell you that I love her so and
And! She's the woman I really wanna love
And let me tell you more, oooh!
She's my baby she lives next door
She's the one a woman the one a woman that I know.
I ain't gonna… tell you one thing that you really ought to know ooh!
She's my lover baby and I love her so and
She's the one that really makes me whirl and twirl!
And she's the kind of lover that makes me me fill the whole world and
She's the one who really makes me jump and shout, ooh!
She's the kind of girl--I know what it's all about!
Take it take it

Excuse me
Oh will you excuse me
I'm just trying to find the bridge… Has anybody seen the bridge?

(Have you seen the bridge?)
I ain't seen the bridge!

(Where's that confounded bridge?)


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