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Pre-Zeppelin Era

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Jimmy Page with Yardbirds

Led Zeppelin Era

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Jimmy Page
Robert Plant
John Paul Jones
John Bonham
Peter Grant
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LZ with grouppies

Famous tours

LZ in Australia 1972
LZ in Denmark
LZ in Japan

Famous shows

LZ at Bath festival 28 june 1969 & 1970
LZ in Chicago 1977
LZ at Kezar Stadium (San Francisco) 1973
LZ at Knebworth august 1979
LZ at Capital Center (Washington) 25 & 28 may 1977

Post-Zeppelin era

Jimmy Page

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A.R.M.S. tour
With Firm
With Black Crowes

Robert Plant

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With Priory of Brion
With Strange Sensation

John Paul Jones

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Zooma Tour


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Live Aid JFK Stadium 13 july 1985
Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame 12 january 1995
Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary 14 may 1988

Snapshots from films

The Song Remains The Same
No Quarter